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Business Coaches Edinburg TX

Looking for Business Coaches in Edinburg? We have compiled a list of businesses and services around Edinburg that should help you with your search. We hope this page helps you find Business Coaches in Edinburg.

Mr. Juan Dominguez (RFC®), CEP
(956) 682-8541
301 W. Nolana St.
McAllen, TX
Money Concepts Financial Planning Center
Years of Experience: 28
Invoice, Estate Planning, Business Planning, Pension Planning, Tax Planning, Employee Benefits, Mutual Funds, CD Banking, Annuities, Life Insurance, Long Term Care Insurance, Charitable Foundations, Asset Protection, BuySell, Compensation Plans

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Domit Executive Business Center
(956) 668-9888
135 Paseo Del Prado Ave
Edinburg, TX
Cantu Jesse H Business & Tax Service
(956) 631-0027
5309 S Mccoll Rd
Edinburg, TX
Aisys Consulting
(956) 686-0101
1217 E Hackberry Ave
Mcallen, TX
Valley Business Counselors
(956) 686-6681
701 E Esperanza Ave
Mcallen, TX
University of Texas-Pan American SBDC
(956) 292-7535
2412 S. Closner AASA #160
Edinburg, TX
Freedom Tax & Business Services
(956) 668-1040
4949 S Jackson Rd
Edinburg, TX
Maldonado Business Services
(956) 682-7115
4308 N Mccoll Rd
Mcallen, TX
J E C Business Consultant & Management Company
(956) 781-4113
314 N Cage Blvd
Pharr, TX
Rivera's Business Services
(956) 580-9915
612 N Conway Ave
Mission, TX
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4 Tips For The Successful Businessman

by Joop Liefaard

I have a passion for the bald eagle (or Haliaeetus Leucocephalus according to his scientific name). I have this passion as long as I can remember. But it is not a logical passion. I am Dutch and a passion for a bird of prey that is common in The Netherlands would be more obvious. But life is full of inexplicable surprises and left me with this passion for the bald eagle, the national symbol of the United States of America. 

I have seen the eagles only once in my life in their natural habitat and that was during a holiday in British Columbia in Canada. When I read about bald eagles and about the way they live, I always start thinking about what a businessman can learn from them in order to become successful and that is what this article is about.

1. Vision

Bald eagles are birds that can often be found on very high altitudes. There they soar and with their very sharp eyesight they have a clear view on the world below them and especially on the prey they want to catch; fish, that is what they like most. They can see the milky white spot in the water from a distance of many miles. In high places they build their nests. On a rock, on the top of a tree but always on a spot where they have a good view on the world that surrounds them. And from their castle they see what is happening around them and that gives security.

The businessman should also have a clear view on what is happening in the market. From very far he should recognize his potential customers and "attack" them at the right moment. At the same time he should be aware of the dangers that surround him, anticipate, absorb the environment and be prepared to act immediately.

2. Knowledge

Bald eagles are confined to their territories. With the seasons some migrate but you find bald eagles only in a specific habitat namely forests, mountains and near sea and rivers. You won't find them in the desert. In their habitat they know what to do, where they can find prey and which dangers surround them. By instinct and by learning they have knowledge about the way they have to conduct their lives and about how they have to behave in this habitat. They will never go beyond the limitations of this frame work. If they do, they die.

This holds a lesson for the businessman. He should know everything about his business and when I say everything, I mean everything. He should know all about the products he sells from beginning to end, every detail should be an open book to him. He can never be surprised with questions on which he has no answers. He should know about marketing techniques, the position and plans of competitors etc., etc. And if he doesn't possess this knowledge by nature, he has to learn it.

3. Enough is enough

When Bald Eagles catch prey, they will catch only one fish at a time. It is not possible for them to catch more. But they know precisely how to catch this one fish. Their flying skills, their strong talons and their ey...

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