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Customer Service Training Greenbelt MD

This page provides relevant content and local businesses that can help with your search for information on Customer Service Training. You will find informative articles about Customer Service Training, including "Customer Service Means Actions, not Slogans". Below you will also find local businesses that may provide the products or services you are looking for. Please scroll down to find the local resources in Greenbelt, MD that can help answer your questions about Customer Service Training.

Non-profit Source
(800) 705-4026
7909 Belle Point Dr
Greenbelt, MD
The Excel Institute
(202) 387-1550
2851 V Street, NE
Washington, DC
Cook Ross, Inc.
(301) 565-4035
1515 Noyes Drive
Silver Spring, MD
A1 Exec Limo Service
(240) 560-5300
Washington, DC
RightHands Resources Inc.
(866) 571-9095
1718 M St., NW
Washington, DC
Emerging Resouce Gtroup
(410) 464-8409
10201 Martin Luther King JR. Hwy
Bowie, MD
Willie Jolley Worldwide
(202) 723-8863
5711 13th St., NW
Washington, DC
Success with Etiquette
(202) 352-3166
1380 Monroe St., NW
Washington, DC
The Pincus Group
(301) 908-3896
309 Reserve Gate Terrace
Silver Spring, MD
Dale Carnegie Training
(202) 244-8056
4515 Willard Ave.
Washington, DC

Customer Service Means Actions, not Slogans

by Patricia Fripp, CSP, CPAE

Every single contact your organization has with its customers either cultivates or corrodes your relationship. That includes every letter you send, every ad you run, and every phone call you make. This includes every employee contact, from the CEO to technicians, sales force, support staff, and maintenance crews.

In other words, your business is only as good as your worst employee! It's a sobering thought, isn't it? How well are you training your employees to cultivate your customers? Is anyone too high or too low to count?

Make heroes of your employees.

At a meeting for the Gap stores, Ed Stair, Senior VP of Gap Outlets, wanted to make everyone think of ways to serve customers and at the same time wasted resources that could be directed to customer benefits. He started his talk by saying, "We are here to talk about HEROES. They may be sitting in front of you, or behind you, or they may be you. In the trenches, Gap Heroes!"

He went on to describe how one Gap Hero in the mailroom noticed 7 FedEx packets going to the same Gap location, on the same day, with the same material inside the company newsletter. He repackaged them into one, with directions to distribute at the final location. Making the same observations everyday saved the Gap $200,000 in one year. This saving could be directed into another jeans size not created, 18 miles of shelves to make it easier for us to find what we need, a month more to watch the fun Gap Swings, Gap Jives, Gap Rocks commercials!

See yourself through your customers' eyes.

On a visit to New York, my brother and I decided on a whim to see a movie. It was the last show of the evening, and, though we were ten minutes late, we didn't feel missing a few scenes would matter. (It was a Jean-Claude Van Damme film, not the deepest plotline!) The cashier refused to sell us tickets because she had closed the cash drawer for the night. We asked her if it were possible to enter the money in the next day's records. She said no. After speaking to two more employees including the manager, we left without seeing the film. They couldn't take our money because the drawer was closed.

Had the theater's employees been trained to see situations through the eyes of the customers, we would not have encountered three uncooperative and uncaring individuals. Taking money after the drawer is closed is undoubtedly a nuisance, but it is revenue after all. Obliging customers brings repeat business, and repeat business is what we all strive for.

See your company through the boss's eyes.

One of the goals of customer service training is to instill in all your employees the sense that it is their business, too. Build this sense of ownership by encouraging employees to see situations from the owner's point of view. If the theater employees had had any sense of ownership, they never would have turned down money. Which day the ticket sale is rung up is irrelevant. Takin...

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