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HR Consulting Agencies Minnetonka MN

This page provides relevant content and local businesses that can help with your search for information on HR Consulting Agencies. You will find informative articles about HR Consulting Agencies, including "Four Employee Behaviors that can Kill Your Business". Below you will also find local businesses that may provide the products or services you are looking for. Please scroll down to find the local resources in Minnetonka, MN that can help answer your questions about HR Consulting Agencies.

Hennepin County ACF Industries
(612) 596-0140
1145 Shenandoah Lane
Plymouth, MN
(763) 577-9000
2955 Xenuim Ln. N., Ste. 30
Plymouth, MN
TempForce - Edina
(952) 920-9119
6550 York Ave. S., Ste. 640
Edina, MN
Right Management
(952) 837-0955
3600 Minnesota Dr., Ste. 850
Edina, MN
Administaff, Inc
(952) 960-5300
3600 Minnesota Dr., Ste. 70
Edina, MN
Kelly Services, Inc. - Plymouth
(763) 546-3433
3505 Vicksburg Ln. N., Ste. 800
Plymouth, MN
(612) 332-4805
1660 South Highway 100, Ste. 430
Minneapolis, MN
Masterson Personnel
(952) 542-1958
5775 Wayzata Blvd., Ste. 995
St. Louis Park, MN
EMPO Corporation
(612) 285-8707
3100 West Lake St., Ste. 100
Minneapolis, MN
Masterson Personnel
(952) 835-4090
5001 American Blvd. Ste. 957
Bloomington, MN

Four Employee Behaviors that can Kill Your Business

By Jan King

I found it important to clarify for employees what "deal-breaker" behavior was at my company. These are the things I insisted would not be tolerated and would lead to immediate or ultimate termination, depending on the nature of the infraction of these hard and fast rules. Here are the behaviors I would not tolerate:

1. Gossip. Rumors can be incredibly disruptive to a company. A lack of information can get rumors started, and frank explanations can usually stop them. However, some employees thrive on the admiration of others when they seem to be "in the know." Define gossip as clearly as you can and tell employees what you expect them to do when they hear it. First and foremost, that you don't repeat it. Along the same lines of gossip, remind employees that all e-mail sent or received on company computers is considered company business and not private correspondence.

2. Violence or threatening or abusive behavior. Termination should be immediate for any employee who engages in any form of violent or abusive behavior. Workplace violence includes threatened or actual abuse and can be verbal or physical. These behaviors only escalate with time and are never excusable. Any employees involved in workplace violence should leave the workplace immediately and be placed on a paid leave of absence for a few days while you investigate the situation and consult with your attorney. Don't assume this couldn't happen in your company-it's estimated by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) that two million Americans are victims of workplace violence annually.

3. Dishonesty and theft. The term theft can include the theft of time, office supplies, and the use of office equipment for personal projects. Set standards for what is acceptable use of company assets. Security experts say as many as 30 percent of workers steal, resulting in an estimated loss of $50 billion a year from U.S. companies and contributing to as many as one-third of business bankruptcies.

As for dishonesty, I have a zero-tolerance approach. I dismissed members of my accounting staff for what may seem to be petty reasons: one for using $5 of petty cash as personal lunch money, another for telling me he was home sick when he was out of state on a long weekend vacation. If key staff members are not honest with you about small things, how can you be sure they will tell the truth "when it counts?"

4. Substance abuse. Substance abuse is more rampant than mo...

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