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Lead Generation Dunedin FL

Looking for Lead Generation in Dunedin? We have compiled a list of businesses and services around Dunedin that should help you with your search. We hope this page helps you find Lead Generation in Dunedin.

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(727) 230-0341
2119 Main Street
Clearwater, FL
Consumer Energy Solutions, Inc.
(727) 723-0704
1315 Cleveland St.
Clearwater, FL
(727) 441-4704
404 S. Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue
Clearwater, FL
Red Frog Marketing
(727) 489-2332
2401 West Bay Dr. Bld. 100 Ste. 101
Clearwater, FL
Ecentral Stores, Inc.
(727) 524-1120
14115 63rd Way North
Clearwater, FL
MDC Group Inc.
(888) 851-0466
29399 US Hwy 19 N Suite 270
Clearwater, FL
Flash Media Marketing, Inc.
(727) 465-8030
2706 E. Grand Reserve Circle # 1139
Clearwater, FL
Strops Marketing, Inc.
(727) 462-0019
635 Court Street Suite 200
Clearwater, FL
Morris Communications
(727) 573-4423
13191 56th Ct Ste 107
Clearwater, FL
Visit St. Petersburg Clearwater
(727) 464-7200
13805 58th Street North Suite 2-200
Clearwater, FL

How To Effectively Cold Call Leads

By: Dave Cole

Network and direct marketers do a major part of their business by calling leads. For a person just starting out this can be rather intimidating and too often a person doesn't know how to "open" up a call, gets a lot of rejection, and then decides this isn't for him/her.

Today I'd like to give you the opening that I have been using with good success. It's short, to the point, friendly, yet business like.

I find out in a matter of seconds whether the person on the other end of the line is worth spending my time with, and generally I find out quickly if this is a person who is a serious candidate or not.

Too often we have a tendency to "chase" after our leads, somehow "hoping" they will sign up. Let's talk a bit about that first.

To make any kind of call a success, you must first and foremost have an attitude. You've got have posture. You've got to have confidence in yourself and in your product and your presentation.

You get confidence in your product by using it! How simple is that. If you can't get enthusiastic about what you have to offer, be it the opportunity or the product, then do yourself a big favor and find something you can get excited about.

Studies have shown that around 60% of all sales are made because the presenter was enthusiastic about their product.

Next, you've got have a confidence in yourself. You can't be scared or un-sure of yourself and expect to get results.

A few people just naturally have confidence in themselves, for the rest of us, confidence comes with practice and experience.

I've went through thousands of leads. I've got thousands of rejections. I've tried lots of different scripts to find out what works best for me. I practiced every one of them before I got on the phone.

The thing is, if you're going to call 10 people and get 10 rejections, and you're afraid of losing your dignity, either you get over it quickly, or find another business to be in.

Every network marketer out there gets far more no's than they get a yes.

Every call I make, I look at it as a learning experience. I look at it as a game. I'm a hunter.....a head hunter. I look for people who are interested in becoming a part of my opportunity.

I have fun calling people. But there are days when I just don't have that good feeling about myself, so I don't call. I wait until I do. I wait until the time is right for me and I have that confidence in me.

Before I make a single call, I have a list of qualifications a person must meet. If the person doesn't have those qualifications, then I'm not going to waste my time. I certainly do not ever try to "drag any person" into the business.

If I do that, then chances are that person won't do anything anyway, so why bother. I don't need a person in my organization who does nothing but bother me. I'll spend as much time with anyone who proves to me they are working, but it's best to pre-qualify your prospects and save you a lot of time later on.


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