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Leadership Coaching Portland OR

This page provides relevant content and local businesses that can help with your search for information on Leadership Coaching. You will find informative articles about Leadership Coaching, including "Fifteen Inspiring Qualities of Leadership". Below you will also find local businesses that may provide the products or services you are looking for. Please scroll down to find the local resources in Portland, OR that can help answer your questions about Leadership Coaching.

Pam Rechel
(503) 780-3965
Portland, OR
Coaching Types
Executive, Leadership, Team
Newfield Network certified Coach

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Janie Selby
(503) 701-0587
Portland, OR
Coaching Types
Business, Life, Leadership

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(503) 248-1298
111 SW Columbia
Portland, OR
Baraka Institute: Leadership Development & Coach Training Center
(503) 241-2200
6312 SW Capitol Hwy. #421
Portland, OR
Life Success Consultants
(877) 589-7744
3013 SE 147th Court
Vancouver, WA
Jemila Kwon
(503) 222-1883
Portland, OR
Coaching Types
Life, Leadership, Relationship
$You set your own fee based on intuition, value, inspiration, conscience capacity/Hr
Reiki Healer. Nia Blue Belt, CPE

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The Centre - A School for Personal & Professional Development
(503) 233-9983
516 SE Morrison St.
Portland, OR
Step It Up, Inc.
(503) 284-1640
2218 Lloyd Center
Portland, OR
Coaching for Perspective
(971) 678-0489
7927 SE 32nd Avenue
Portland, OR
Reality Check Coaching
(503) 747-6688
16090 SW Audubon St
Bearverton, OR
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Fifteen Inspiring Qualities of Leadership

Are you a leader of men (and women)? At least, do you believe that you have leadership potential? Do you WANT to be a leader, or a follower? If you want to be a "'great' leader of men", here are a few thoughts on the qualities needed. 

When we think of the word leader, we usually immediately think of the concept of POWER. Your great passion might be to become a leader. It will certainly give you power - not within yourself necessarily, but over others. (Do you have a "Napoleon complex" - to lead "for it's own sake", perhaps?). 

To be a leader, first you must really WANT to. A great DESIRE is the key here. You must be really "hungry" for the position and pursue leadership with great determination - with all the means at your disposal. That is, using all your powers, qualities (see below) and potential. With a strong DESIRE you will, as long as you have the following personal leadership qualities:

1. Unwavering courage.

2. Self control.

3. Always keeping a sense of justice (and fairness) towards others.

4. Definiteness of decisions.

5. Leaders have a clear vision of the future they wish to CREATE. All their decisions are in alignment with their over-riding objectives and move them in this direction.

6. Definiteness of plans (ie. a grand sense of PURPOSE). A leader then works their plan by putting it into ACTION.

7. Leaders are BELIEVERS: Firstly in themselves and in the Universe's plan for their lives. They have a strong sense of destiny.

8. Leaders have a habit of doing more than they are paid for. Effort and sacrifice gets them to a position of authority in the first place.

9. A pleasing personality (my saving grace to get me out of my frequent scrapes, deep in the "smelly brown stuff"!). People LIKE the people they follow... and will do anything to help for great inspiring leaders (even to death).

10. Empathy, sympathy and understanding. As the Spanish (and my dear mother) would say, "being 'sympatico'" towards other people, by taking their feelings into consideration. This is the difference between "thinkers" and "feelers". Thinkers are logical, analytical types, who usually do well in business. Feelers, like me, are far more emotional and creative people ("unbalanced" perhaps?). What type of person are you?

11. Mastery of detail. I'm hopeless on that one; so need plenty of help in that area. I'm a "grand picture person", who has no idea of the number of bolts needed to build my bridge. I would never walk on it after finishing it anyway!

12. Willingness to assume full responsibility for one's decisions - no matter what may go wrong!

13 ("lucky"). Co-operation (full) with others in seeing one's plans, the grand vision come to fruition.

14. Leaders are PASSIONATE people, who live with great enthusiasm. Eliminating options will help you find your passion, your niche in life by initially pointing you in the right direction. I've been using the process of elimination for years and years and I'm slowly getting there. At least ...

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