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Mediators Fort Campbell KY

Mediators provide mediation services for disagreements concerning such issues as premarital agreements, financial disagreements, separation, divorce, parenting plans, wrongful termination, labor management, victim-offender mediation and more. See below for local businesses in Fort Campbell that give access to qualified mediators and for more advice and content on facilitative mediation and evaluative mediation.

Suzanne M Pearson
(931) 647-1501
121 S 3RD ST
Litigation, Business, Mediation, Employment, Insurance
Samford University, Cumberland School of Law ,Austin Peay State University
State Licensing

Jill E. Hansrote
(931) 553-0100
Bankruptcy, Family, Divorce, Adoption, Mediation
University of Memphis - Cecil C. Humphreys School of Law,Austin Peay State University
State Licensing

Vance Richard A Atty
(502) 681-0454
400 W Market St Bsmt
Louisville, KY
Mungo Frank Atty At Law
(859) 372-6670
3940 Olympic Blvd
Erlanger, KY
Kearns C Dant Atty
(502) 426-8149
2204 Glenview Ave
Louisville, KY
Daniel Lynch Nolan Jr
(931) 647-7853
121 S 3RD ST
Medical Malpractice, Business, Personal Injury, Mediation
University of Tennessee College of Law ,University of Tennessee, Knoxville (main)
State Licensing

Melinda Ann Murphy
Ecton Murphy & Shannon, PLLC
(859) 624-2252
127 South Third Street
Richmond, KY
Family, Landlord & Tenant, Adoption, Alimony, Mediation, Child Custody, Speeding Ticket, Child Support, Divorce, Power Of Attorney, Domestic Violence, Probate, Prenuptials, Uncontested Divorce, Wills
University of Akron,Baldwin-Wallace College
State Licensing
Kentucky, Ohio

Martin James B Jr Atty
(502) 560-4260
500 W Jefferson St
Louisville, KY
Slaughter Michael R
(502) 585-5522
734 S 1st St
Louisville, KY
Lawson Durenda Lundy Atty
(606) 528-9744
Corbin, KY

Conflict: A New Perspective

by Julie Fuimano

I was recently asked to address the issue of conflict resolution at the hospital of one of our clients. In today's fast-paced and stressed-out society, conflict resolution is a critical issue. People don't always have the time or the tools to handle conflict.

The word ‘conflict' connotes something bad. People think of conflict and they think of two people in a heated argument. But as the workplace shapes itself to recognize and be more accepting of diversity and differing opinions and as companies write their diversity policies, why not change the way we view conflict and embrace it as something to be valued instead of dispelled?

Conflict Defined

Conflict is defined as a disagreement, a battle or to be at odds. In essence, conflict is a differing of opinions, point of views or ideas. Conflict occurs when two or more people see things from different perspectives, given their education, background, upbringing, knowledge of the issue, beliefs, time of day, mood, etc. Is this not the definition of diversity? Diversity is a variety, an assortment or a mixture. And accepting diversity means accepting that people have inherently different views on how they see the world and how to get things done.

The Source Of Conflict

So why then do people get so uptight and agitated when disagreements occur? There are two main reasons: one, when the idea is presented and then rejected, the person may take it as a personal attack. The second reason is that the person might be attached to it being done their way.

As a leader and a role model, recognize there is always another way to accomplish something, not just your way or the way it's always been done. Be open to receiving input from others, recognizing that their perspective offers you the opportunity to see the issue or problem in a way that you might not have considered. When you present your suggestions and opinions, detach yourself from whether your suggestion is implemented. While it may seem like the best choice from your vantage point, realize there may be many other factors that go into making the decision and that it's not about you as a person.

Acknowledge The Conflict

When faced with conflict, don't run from it; acknowledge it for what it is - diversity of thought. Ask each person to share his or her ideas. Compliment each of them on their innovative and unique perspectives. Praise each of those on your team so they understand how important their differing opinions are. By doing so, you are demonstrating leadership and showing respect for their diverse perspectives. Seek to understand where each person is coming from and help each of the participants understand the other's point of view. Once you understand the framework behind their perspective, you can help to dissolve the conflict and refocus their energies on finding solutions.

Focus On The Outcome

When its time to focus on selecting the most appropriate course of action, focus on ac...

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