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Sales Training Delray Beach FL

Local resource for sales training in Delray Beach, FL. Includes detailed information on local sales experts that give access to sales strategies and sales solutions for sales calls, sales presentations, sales questions, and sales performance, as well as advice and content on strategic selling, conceptual selling, how to shorten sales cycles, and how to improve sales forecasts accuracy.

Stidham Enterprises
Boynton Beach, FL

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Sales Training Consultants, Inc.
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Boca Raton, FL
Class Sales Development Corporation
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Stidham Enterprises
Boynton Beach, FL
Class Sales Development Corporation
7807 Forestay Dr.
Lake Worth, FL

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Stidham Enterprises
Boynton Beach, FL
Sales Training Consultants, Inc.
(561) 482-8801
7900 Glades Rd. Suite #430
Boca Raton, FL
All Natural Networking Marketing
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Miami, FL
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5 Fast Tricks For Making More Sales!

By Grady Smith

You've got a killer headline...

You've lined up benefit after benefit...

But it won't make you a dime unless you can close the sale and make the reader of your sales letter hand over their cash. And a solid close on your sales letter will do just this.

Following, 5 essential parts for a "get your wallet out" sales letter close.


The reader of your sales letter needs to understand what your product/offer will do for them. But once they understand that, they need to know that things won't get better, problems won't be solved, and nothing in their situation will change.

"Passing today means nothing will change for you. You'll still work at a job you hate and pray that one day a sensible and real opportunity will fall into your lap. But I tell you, this IS your real opportunity, and now you just need to act."

Let them feel the pain. Tell them the downside of not jumping on your offer. Ask them questions so they can personalize the loss by actually thinking about what they'll be missing.


Justify the value of your product or service by explaining the price you've chosen:

"$67 is s true bargain when you consider this one time investment will come back to you at least 10 times. By simply investing a small amount right now, you're guaranteed to get all the information you need to make 10 to 1000 times you investment back in under 30 days"!


Take away any doubts in your potential customer's mind. Assure them they're making the right decision, and risk nothing by taking you up on your offer:

"You are guaranteed to learn step-by-step how I made a fortune in network marketing. But if you feel you can't follow my plan, or just don't want to, then simply return my package--keeping the $97 in FREE bonuses--and I'll give you a 100% no questions refund."


If the reader doesn't act right away chances are good they'll forget about your offer and never take action. Give them a reason they MUST take immediate action.

Tell them they might lose bonuses. Tell them that supplies of your product are limited. Give them a strong reason to act immediately:

"The $39.95 price is simply a test price. After 100 visitors to this web site, I will access changing the price, and guarantee you it will be rising. So to guarantee you get everything you need to get started day trading for thousands for the test price of only...

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A Sad Truth That Makes You Rich

Have you ever faced this situation before?

Imagine this.

Salesman A sells you an expensive vacuum cleaner.

He spends an hour telling you the benefits of his product.

He further boasts his product is the best. He shows the features clearly to you. super long extendable hose. power drive motor. extreme low energy consumption. etc.

This salesman virtually uses powerful words to trigger you psychologically to open your wallet. And, he offers full money refund, 3 years warranty and no-questions-asked conditions

This seems to be the best offer that knocks your socks off.

But, you hesitate. You want to think about it.

Another salesman, Mr. B, comes few days later. He sells the same product to you.

Mr. B does almost the same thing as salesman A. But, this time he shows the weakness of the product. He emphasizes the weakness is not really important. The product is designed to compensate it.

Who will you buy from?

If I were you, I would buy from Mr. B.

On the surface, it looks like a pathetic move by him. But, it strikes our hearts. We're looking for honesty.

See now?

The legendary adman James Webb Young did this before.

He sold fruits by mail. Let me tell you his story.

There was a violent hailstorm nearly ruined an apple-growing season. The ice pellets hit the apples bruising and scarring the skins.

Young feared massive complaints and returns if he shipped those apples to his mail-order customers. His business would be destroyed if he didn't fulfill the order. The customers would ask for refund.

In fact, there were only cosmetic damages. The skins were discolored. But, this didn't affect the freshness of the fruit.

To solve the problem, Young included a pre-printed card in every order.

He honestly told the customers that the apples were scarred. He further assured that this was the proof that apples were grown at mountain where extreme cold caused hailstorms. Due to the weather, the fleshes of apples were firm and sweeter.

According to Young, not a single order was returned. In fact, the customers even requested scarred apples the following year.

Isn't it interesting human behavior?

Yes. Honesty does sell!

How can you use this to your advantage?

Let me give you an example.

If you're selling hand-made violin on the Internet, how can you beat your competitors?

You must show your prospects that yours are not as perfect as those machine-made violins.

Honestly tell them this.

"Occasionally, there're some scratches on the surface. The tune of each string is also not calibrated by computer. The worst is that every violin doesn't come with perfectly equal size and sound.

But I assure you that this is the proof of violin make by experienced craftsmen and monitored by best violinists.

That makes each violin authentic and unique. It has the character that you can't get from machine-made violins."

This is how you use this strategy.

Whether you honestly or deceitfully show your honesty, it doesn't matter. The sad truth is that people can be persuaded t...

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Maximizing Your Sales Opportunities

By Kelley Robertson

"If you saw a $20 bill lying on the sidewalk would you leave it there?"

Many sales people think that their job is done once they have closed the sale, particularly in a retail environment. Whew! Breathe a sigh of relief and move on to the next customer. 

But wait! You have probably left some money sitting on the counter. I don't mean that there is actually money lying on the counter. I am saying that you haven't yet maximized your sales opportunities and potential revenue. In most retail environments accessorizing is a missed opportunity that greatly reduces our potential to earn an excellent income. 

Far too often we're so focused on the primary sale that we neglect the opportunities to increase our sales and our profitability. But no sale is complete unless the customers have been given every chance to accessorize their purchases. 

Whatever you sell, you can always suggest add-ons. From my perspective, the organization who which best achieves this best is McDonalds Restaurants. Regardless of what you order, the counter person seldom fails to ask you if you'd like something else, dessert, a salad, soda etc. And these are teenagers!!! If these minimum wage order- takers can learn how to accessorize (aka. suggestively sell) it should be a piece of cake for you.

Regardless of the type of product or service you sell, there are opportunities to increase your sales by suggesting add on items. There's virtually no limit to the possibilities. All it takes is a bit of initiative, creativity and an understanding that you are actually helping the customer improve their overall purchase. 

Many sales people make the mistake of assuming that the customer will ask for specific accessories. This is not always the case. When my wife and I bought our first computer we could hardly wait to get home, set it up and become a high-tech couple. I unpacked the boxes and began plugging everything in. Unfortunately, I ran out of receptacles before I completed the setup up. I didn't have an extra power bar handy so that meant I had to get back in my car, drive to a store, wait in line, and return home before I could enjoy my new toy. A good power bar in a computer store can cost up to $100 yet I choose to go the closest store where I picked a very inexpensive one for around $12. Would I have paid more at the computer store? Willingly,. providing the sales person had done his job properly.

Another concern about accessorizing is that some sales people feel they'll come across as being pushy if they keep suggesting more accessories. The reality is that the customer will tell you when they reach their limit. 

Several years ago I was in the process of buying two new suits. The two sales people who assisted me (the store was pretty quiet) kept suggesting ties, shirts, socks, and belts. I accepted some suggestions, rejected others, until I felt I had enough variety and selection. The end result was an additi...

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