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Startup Business Loans Springfield OR

This page provides relevant content and local businesses that can help with your search for information on Startup Business Loans. You will find informative articles about Startup Business Loans, including "Five Tips To Help Entrepreneurs Find Early Stage Capital in a Tough (But Improving) Market:". Below you will also find local businesses that may provide the products or services you are looking for. Please scroll down to find the local resources in Springfield, OR that can help answer your questions about Startup Business Loans.

Jeffrey Yamada
MCS Financial Advisors
(541) 345-7023
360 East 10th Avenue, Suite 200
Eugene, OR
High Net Worth Client Needs, Financial Issues Between Generations, Ongoing Investment Management, Retirement Planning & Distribution Rules, Planning Issues for Business Owners, Divorce Planning
NAPFA Registered Financial Advisor, BA, CFP®, MBA

Arthur Brunson
ADB Capital Management, LLC
(541) 302-5814
401 E. 10th Avenue, Suite 245
Eugene, OR
Helping Clients Identify & Achieve Goals, Ongoing Investment Management, Socially Responsible Investments, Retirement Plan Investment Advice, Retirement Planning & Distribution Rules, College/Education Planning
NAPFA Registered Financial Advisor, CFP®

Ms. Suanne Y. Jones, CFP®
(541) 736-3810
1716 G St
Springfield, OR
Areas of Specialization
Wealth Management
Key Considerations
Profession: Not Applicable

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Mr. Matthew T. Adams, CFP®
(858) 337-5656
432 W 11th Ave
Eugene, OR
Jones & Roth Financial Advisors
Areas of Specialization
Asset Allocation, Business Succession Planning, Comprehensive Financial Planning, Employee and Employer Plan Benefits, Estate Planning, Insurance Planning, Retirement Planning

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Mr. Scott L. Pope, CFP®
(541) 345-5669
321 Mill St
Eugene, OR
Sustainable Wealth Management

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Ben Utley
Physician Family Financial Advisors
(541) 463-0899
399 East 10th Avenue, Suite 103
Eugene, OR
Advising Medical Professionals, Retirement Planning & Distribution Rules, Ongoing Investment Management, Helping Clients Identify & Achieve Goals, College/Education Planning, Socially Responsible Investments
NAPFA Registered Financial Advisor, CFP®, MS

Ryan Darwish
Darwish Capital Management
(541) 345-9025
5070 Donald Street
Eugene, OR
Ongoing Investment Management, High Net Worth Client Needs, Retirement Planning & Distribution Rules, Special Needs Planning, Financial Issues Between Generations, Women's Financial Planning Issues
NAPFA Registered Financial Advisor, CFP®, ChFc, CLU, MBA

Mr. Alex J. Vonderhaar, CFP®
(541) 683-5575
497 Oakway Rd
Eugene, OR
Waddell & Reed Inc
Areas of Specialization
Retirement Income Management

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Mr. Timothy J. Schor, CFP®
(541) 684-9000
2260 Oakmont Way
Eugene, OR
Ameriprise Financial

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Mr. Marvin L. Breach, CFP®
(541) 683-6320
1057 High St
Eugene, OR
LPL Financial

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Five Tips To Help Entrepreneurs Find Early Stage Capital in a Tough (But Improving) Market:

How the Venture Capitalists Nationwide Say to Do It
By Brian Hill

Profit Dynamics Inc., a research firm in Fountain Hills, Arizona,  recently conducted a survey of 74 venture capital firms from all regions of the United States. They were asked their views about the outlook for the early stage capital market in the upcoming year. On the whole, the VCs responded with at least a moderate degree of optimism, the overall theme being--the worst may be over. They were then asked this question:

What advice would you give to entrepreneurs looking for early stage capital?

Here's what they told us:

1. Be Prepared

In both good times and bad, this is good advice: Be thoroughly prepared for the presentation to VCs and focus on why your business will make money for investors.

2. Conserve Capital

In the late 1990's, capital was much more plentiful and in some cases, management teams looked at the term "burn rate" to literally mean they had investors' money to burn, and when one round of financing ran out, they could easily go out and get more. From 2000 and up to today, a massive reality check occurred in the market for early stage capital. The emphasis now is on conserving capital and reaching as many milestones as you can on your own without investors' money.

3. Be Committed

In the due diligence process, investors try to determine the level of commitment the management team has to the business. Will the team exhaust themselves trying to make this business succeed? Part of that commitment can be financial, both in terms of willingness to commit personal resources to the venture, and the willingness to forego compensation until the cash flow of the venture becomes positive.

4. Have An Outstanding Management Team

One way investors mitigate risk is to only put money behind the very finest management teams. An ever-viable maxim applies (and you imagine VCs carry this around in their wallets): a great team with a mediocre idea succeeds more often than a great idea with a mediocre team. The strength of the management team is even more critical to them when the new venture will be trying to gain a foothold in tough economic times.

5. Be Patient and Persevere

Even in the exhilarating days of the Internet boom, entrepreneurs were sometimes shocked by how long it took them to obtain seed stage or first round capital. For one thing, they did not take into account the incredible number of ventures that were begun...

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